Issues like poverty and economic disparity mean children in Rochester are already at a disadvantage for academic achievement. Don’t let the statistics define our children. By investing your talent and passion where its needed most, you can help change the odds for our low-income families and minority students.

Help Change the Odds in Rochester

Our Challenge

The City of Rochester ranks first in child poverty among comparably sized cities.1

Improvement Programming:
City-funded programming and initiatives are actively addressing community issues which contribute to academic achievement challenges.

Our Community Commitment to Education Equality:

Our children are ready to change the odds. Are you in?

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Economic segregation in Rochester is among the worst in the U.S. Economic disparity between the city and bordering suburban school districts is ranked in the top 1.2% nationally.4

27% of students speak a language other than English at home.2 

The student population is nearly 90% minority students.2 


Rochester is committed to making real and measurable progress toward educational equity through the collaboration and support of the city, public and charter school leadership, and community programming. This commitment includes ensuring Rochester is a place where mission-driven teachers can thrive both in and out of the classroom.

Professional Development Opportunities:
Our school leaders have created a culture which supports teacher growth through professional development opportunities and mentoring.
Certification Reciprocity: 
Have you completed three years of certified public school experience in another U.S. state or territory within the last five years? The New York State Education Department will allow you to apply your certification to teach in Rochester.3
Affordable Living: 
The cost of living in Rochester is 26% less than the New York state average and 11% less than the national average.5 Teachers who choose to purchase a home in Rochester may also qualify for a $3,000 benefit  through the City Employer Housing Initiative.  Learn more about the City Residence Initiative. 

Apply now to open teaching positions at Rochester Prep charter schools and Rochester City School District.


Uncommon Schools Rochester Prep

Rochester City School District

Opportunities for Non-certified Teachers:
For mission-driven individuals who don’t have a teaching degree, teacher apprentice programs and fellowship opportunities are available at Uncommon Schools Rochester Prep.